Ambassador Paolo Zampolli

Over the last few years Zampolli has worked with several United Nations environmental projects, including hosting functions such as the United Nations Diamond Awards Gala for Renewable Energy and The Friends of Climate Change. The event honored Czech-Supermodel Petra Nemcova who was honored at the event for her work with the Happy Hearts Fund, and Steve Weisz, CEO and Founder of In Ticketing, and United Nations Economic and Social Council Advisor. Most recently, Zampolli has served as President of Green Incorporated, a firm that collaborates with the United Nations on ecological projects[5] As executive director of the International Renewable Energy Organization (I.R.E.O.), an intergovernmental organization, he has collaborated with the United Nations with conferences on climate change which has included guest speakers such as President Bill Clinton.[6]

In 2011 he was officially named Minister-Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the Commonwealth of Dominica To the United Nations. He is currently a resident in New York City with his wife Amanda Ungaro and his infant son Giovanni Zampolli. In August 2012 was also appointed as Ambassador under The Tourism Ministry of Grenada in October 2013 The Honurable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit appointed Mr Zampolli as United Nation Ambassador and Ambassador For Oceans and Seas for the Commonwealth of Dominica on June 6, 2014 Dr Right Hon. Keith Claudius Mitchell Prime Minister of Grenada appointed Ambassador Zampolli wife Amanda Ungaro Zampolli as United Nations ambassador in charge of Post 15th Agendas and responsible of the second committee with United Nations Ambassador Ranking, Ambassador Amanda Ungaro - Zampolli is now working under the 69 Th. United Nations Vice President of the UN General Assembly for the Blue Economy